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Agile Portfolio Management - Online

Building the Agile Enterprise, on demand

This course is about connecting all parts of the company from Portfolio & Steering to Agile Team deliveries to customers.

Course Summary

More and more companies, even outside IT and pure Software development, are trying out Agile ways of working, through forming Agile Teams. Given the right environment, deployment of Agile Teams can be successful, increasing productivity and customer orientation within R&D organizations.

This is great, BUT, in many places the rest of the organization keeps working as before, including Product Management, Finance AND Steering of the Company. We see this pattern repeating itself, especially in hardware centric companies, not releasing the full potential of Agile ways of working.

This course is about connecting all parts of the company from Portfolio & Steering to Agile Team deliveries to customers. It will provide you with a framework centered around value streams, meaning how to generate most possible value to customers and consumers. We will guide you and give you the methods and tools you need to set-up and operate such value streams.

You will be part of a consultant team that transforms the fictive company Greener Grass, using these methods and tools hands-on.

This course is relevant when: Agile ways-of-working are being considered, and you want to take an enterprise approach from the start Current ways-of-working within Product Management doesn’t match R&D Agile ways-of-working Outputs of the current Agile set-up doesn’t meet expectations

Course Curriculum

Jonas Harris

Jonas Harris is a pioneer in deploying Agile and Scrum in hardware centric environments. As development director at Ericsson Mobile Platforms he first implemented agile ways of working in 2006, Scrum scaled up for 300 software engineers. He started MEQIFY in 2015 after a successful pilot project on Scrum for Hardware with a multinational packaging company. Jonas is an Agile Coach and Transformation leader who is passionate about increasing team motivation and delivery capability. Jonas is certified Scrum Master and SAFe 5 SPC.

Project Manager


The agile portfolio management course gave valuable insights and knowledge on how to transfer from an traditional organization to agile. This will bring valuable knowledge on how to further adapt and improve the agile way of working initiated in our development organization.
The training was conduced with a good balance between theory and practical steps and the use of a fictive company to practice on, gave an excellent understanding of the different steps, challenges and opportunities with agile.  

Anders Svensson

Bosch Lund office

Great overview and some depth of how to change an example company that was once a market leader but stumbled, back to that position in an agile transformation. Theory content was supported by well chosen group exercises, where the participants step by step created the new agile setup for said example company with a tangible product portfolio, using tools and methods which were both simple and understandable, but yet make great impact.


Product Development

An excellent course for the experienced professional working with product development, in any function, on how to practically work with portfolios and values streams in an agile organization. Lots of sharing of experiences in an open environment, with practical exercises to test how this can work in practice.

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