Scrum for Hardware – Onsite

Scrum adapted for hardware development, 5-6 October

Course Summary

In recent years, MEQIFY has successfully helped companies to introduce agile workflows in hardware development. These approaches have been used in software development for many years. Today, it is a prerequisite for being competitive.

We now see that it is being applied more and more in other industries outside of software and IT. Therefore, there is now experience from how it works to introduce agile methods on hardware development in practice.

We offer a 4-halfday training where you learn Scrum adapted for hardware development by doing practical exercises related to building physical products. With or without technical background, you learn the Scrum framework by working interactively with a practical case.

Based on the Scrum Guide, in addition to our experience of using Scrum in hardware projects, we will provide you with all the theory and tools you need to start using Scrum right away, when you have completed our training.

Course Curriculum

Target group

Engineers, project managers, line managers and others who are interested in agile working methods and Scrum for product development of hardware products.

Exam, diploma etc.

After completing the course, participants are prepared to take an assessment to become a Professional Scrum Master (one attempt included in price).

Stefan Magnusson

Stefan has many years of experience as Agile Coach and Scrum Master. He has developed and implemented agile working methods for the development of embedded systems where with cross-functional teams consisting of mobile apps, cloud, firmware, electronics, mechanics and test.

During 2020-21 he has focused a lot on digital tools and practices that enables cooperation for digital-physical hybrid teams as a Scrum Master at Tetra Pak material development, and is the creator of the training Scrum for Hardware and co-creator of Agile Portfolio Management.

He is inspired by guiding teams and individuals in reaching understanding and implementation of Agile ways-of-working.

Stefan is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP-SM), Professional Scrum Master (PSM-l) and SAFe 4 Agilist.

R&D Manager

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

Some colleagues and I were curious about how to apply Scrum to industrial development projects, other than software. After searching for this, we came in contact with MEQIFY who offered a training course. After two days of intensive training where practice and theory were discussed, I feel that we are ready to take the first steps to start applying this on our own. The scrum board is now on the wall and we have just started our first sprint.

Course Pricing

  • Scrum for Hardware - online
  • 15000 SEK

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